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02-28-2010, 09:18 AM
For custom aliens, there could be a selection of different planet types - rocky, desert, oceanic with islands, underwater, subterran or even options to pick "weather", "surface" and "building". That way, everyone could put together an individual planet and maybe select 5 different food items for the replicator.

Replicator would have to be 3 x 56 % common food, 1 x 64 %, and 1 x 72 %. (I haven't compared all species, but I think Klingons and Ferengi have their food types in this value range.)

I also like this idea as a money sink... Think of a vendor type like the tailors, as "Stellar Cartographer". You purchase either a complete canon world (100K, includes the special background scenery/canon building) or put together from the available options:

- planet type (surface: water, rocks, farmland, volcanos, desert, forest, swamp,...)
- planet climate (weather & light: cloudy, rainy, sunshine, windy, dark sky,...)
- planet interior (different building types, all with equal amount of chairs for emote use)
- planet culture (select up to 3 space base consoles; mail, bank, library)
- planet cuisine (replicator with up to 5 different bound on acquire food items as above)

Each component costs 20K - so on lower levels, before you drown in EC, you can already afford to buy a basic world surface, and customize it later by changing the weather, your quarters and add extras.