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02-28-2010, 01:48 PM
Originally Posted by JJR512 View Post
What kind of weapon loadout are you using?

I ask because this is another aspect of escorts I have been struggling with. The prevailing opinion is to arm an escort around a full frontal attack. Now, if you do this, but then you need to turn your weakened shield, which presumably is your front shield, away from the enemy, well then you're doing very little damage. In fact, at the point, you're probably taking more damage than you're giving.
At present, I am running 2 arrays, 1 torp, and 1 dual beam forward - 2 arrays, 1 mine aft. I used to run 2 multiple dual cannons and turrets but that forced me t expose my forward shield to much when facing more than 1 adversary. I am very happy now using the arrays. I still win, though it may take an extra minute maybe.