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02-28-2010, 02:52 PM
Originally Posted by zordar View Post
Very true. When solo facing multiple strong opponents (escorts, cruisers and battleships) I basically use hit and run tactics. Fly in at full combat speed, blast away at a couple targets I know I can destroy in one pass, then Evasive Maneuvers out of weapons range. Against multiple batteships (D'deridex) I use Jam Sensors on the target, destroy it and try to get back outside of weapons range. Romulans love to use Viral Matrix and Tractor Beam, so sometimes I'm screwed no matter what (don't have Science Team). That's one reason I'm not pro-death penalty. But those are the breaks when it's 5-1.

I'm using cannons and torp in front, turrets in back. Escorts don't have the staying power to circle and broadside against multiple equal-tier opponents. Your biggest advantage is almost nothing can stand a full-on buffed escort pass. Don't try to stand toe to toe. Escorts are throat-gouging ninjas, not brawlers. Zoom in, kill stuff, zoom out, turn-recharge-repair, repeat.

Generally you would be correct.

Escorts can circle and broadside multiple targets - but you need the higher tier ones. I couldnt until I got in to an advnaced escort and I do it all the time with good success. Your BO skills, especially science and engineering can play a huge role in this - mine do.