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02-28-2010, 01:54 PM
It amazes me when people automatically lump everyone who does not agree with them as some kind of 'hater' ( I despise that word along with troll. Hardly a man jack of you understand what you are typing )

These forums never started out nor has it ever been said that they are the exclusive domain of people who play STO and have no complaints.

Not everyone is the same. I see very few people speaking of hate for the game. Many are like me. Hoping for more. We will only get that news via the community forums.

Once again we have another self-appointed moral arbiter of the forums trying on his pretend moderator hat in a delusional bid to stake a territorial claim over the forums ( yet it's only this forum, I don't see that in all the other forums, the ones dedicated to the game and gameplay, the ones you'd expect the happy campers to be chatting amongst themselves )

I see where the hate is. Yes.