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02-28-2010, 02:26 PM
Originally Posted by Qoojo
The amount of time that some people spend on a forum for a MMO that they hate. Spew self-deluding lies like they are here for the game, and to make it better. The drama and self-importance accompanying every MMO release is hilarious, "My pet feature isn't implemented, you suck dev" or "How dare you blah blah blah".

But what it all comes down to is the complete lack of perspective. Because it's a MMO, some people feel like they are entitled to some sort of life commitment partner that will keep them entertain indefinitely. Many of these people plan on playing 30-50 hours a week, then go nuts once the dream is shattered that the MMO will not fulfill this, "I had such high hopes for this game. blah blah blah". Many go on to rant over running out of content after playing 60+ hours. Which is always quite good when compared to a single player game's play time.

It has a subscription fee for continued play, but here is the tricky part many do not seem to understand, you don't have to pay it if you do not like it. You don't like the game. You can quit playing. No game guarantees that you will like it. That's why reviews are around. If you didn't wait for reviews, then I guess it's live and learn time. It's a game. Hate playing the game, then move on. Simple matter really.

The lengths that people go to justify their childish behavior, and their complete lack of perspective on MMOs, always amazes me. Grow up and move along with your life.
I'd suggest you take a good hard look in the mirror, and then take your own advice.

Somehow I feel I would be flamed for it and the irony would be lost on you given your posting history. Your insults to others you disagree with have been noted. See my sig for the rest.

This thread is flamebait and against the TOS.