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02-28-2010, 02:55 PM
Originally Posted by swag-nyc View Post

people will try and convince you that all movie and tv combat was always on a single plane, but WoK shows us that elevation is a part of it.
You can change elevation in this one as well just as they did in WoK. The only thing you're really missing are vertical RCS thrusters, but then that would have spoiled the WASD+QE control system that is really very easy to control with one hand.

Do not confuse Feasibility with Playability.

I'm all about space physics realism when it comes to movies and science fiction properties, but games are a very different beast.

Is there even a single space simulator in existence with real-time XYZ inertial movement that has been a widespread hit? I know of ONE such game that even exists, and it is in a very niche space at the moment. It's also just a rocket pack and has no pilotable ships at all.