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02-28-2010, 03:15 PM
Originally Posted by NikeOnline View Post
Its a submarine game.

A surprisingly faithful re-enactment of the extremely shallow space-combat displayed in the TV series and movies. The highlight of tactics in Wrath of Khan is realizing you could manuver the Enterprise like a heli-copter, when no one in the entire universe seems to realize you could maybe roll a ship over without it taking on water and sinking.

Honestly, it'd be far less like Star Trek if we had anything resembling no arbitrary plane of orientation.

This is a Star Trek game. Combat, therefore, is as depicted in the Star Trek episodes and movies: it is three dimensional but along a plane of orientation, and movement is aquatic with inertia rather than what realistic space warfare might look like. That's why I bought the game: I like Star Trek's combat.