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02-28-2010, 03:15 PM
Originally Posted by Curs0r View Post
With a bit of good luck and some help from some of my very talented friends I'll be looking into making my own game. I think it's time to stop paying people for something I can do better myself. Donationware or F2P with premium items is the future of this kind of gaming.
If you are serious about this, check out this project:

I've had my eye on it for quite awhile. It is open source, and still doesn't have any capital backing IIRC, so unfortunately the development is moving at a snail's pace. The media galleries look amazing, and it seems like a great enginefor a truly immersive sci-fi experience, once they add some content. They seem to have solved many restrictions in current sci-fi games, such as seamless transition from space to planet through the atmosphere, etc. Specifically, check out this video starting about halfway though: