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02-28-2010, 03:40 PM
Originally Posted by CobraA1 View Post
FYI - Logitech users should use the Logitech Profiler that Logitech includes, it supplies some pretty advanced functionality.
I downloaded this software for Win7 64-bit and installed it for my Logitech Extreme 3D. It works flawlessly for what you can actually bind keys to. Don't try binding equivalent slash commands though, it gets messy real quick. You don't even have to go into all the elaborate launch and relaunch of the game as the Logitech OP said if you set up the profile first and say map WASD to the joystick before starting STO. That part works like a champ for me. I put spacebar on my trigger and was flying around fine. It's the camera view that sucks atm.

The main problem with using -any- joystick right now is that there is no way possible to put your camera into chase cam view behind your own ship and lock it there. You can lock your camera on yourself (try hitting F1 / Home / X) but it floats and pivots about your ship.

(Oh and before you bridge view guys jump in and say that's what we want... it's not. How the heck are you going to be effective in combat if you can only see out the viewport on your bridge while trying to fight a space battle?)

The other option I was hoping to employ is to use the PoV hat to control my camera while steering with the joystick. Unfortunately you can only move the camera around freely by using advanced slash command that crash and burn once combat starts. If there was a way to map camera movements similar to how you move your camera when you right click and drag your mouse then this would work great. Heck if I could just map cam left/right/up/down to my PoV hat once I locked my cam on myself then I could use my thumb to keep my camera in chase cam behind me while using the joystick.

Cryptic just needs to realize that there are tons of people who want to use joysticks with this game, that there are other MMOs that allow joysticks and just give us a chase cam camera view. All the 3rd party software that we already have access to will work just fine if we can simply bug the devs till they give us chase gam.

I would eat a tribble right now if Cryptic would allow me to make full use of my G13 and E3D and never have to put my hands on the keyboard while in combat.