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Hey, thank you everyone for helping me out earlier - been playin around and finally came up with a cool combo I think. As with this combo I am able to dice up ships pretty fast, most especially with high yield torps.

I have an Escort with the following specs

FWD Weapons
2 Duel Heavy Disruptor Cannons MK IV
1 Photon Torpedo MK IV

Rear Weapons
1 Phaser Beam Array MK IV

Also I have the warp projectile console MK IV and Disruptor thingy MK IV (to give me extra photon and disruptor damage)

I am wondering though, if 2 Duel Heavy Plasma Cannons MK IV would be better than Disruptors, don't have enough money/credits to play around with that yet, but when I do I will try it out.

But even though I can kill Klingon ships pretty fast, I don't even stand a chance against Romulans - they dice me up pretty fast before I even get a fighting chance.

So what is ya'll favorite weapon combination for blowing up ships fast!?