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02-28-2010, 07:06 PM
Maybe I'm missing something, but what's with the divided weapon systems? It's impossible for any of you to bring all of your weapons to bear on a single target at any time. This may be okay for some PvE, but then again any build will be. If you want to do serious damage, you need at least a majority of weapons overlap.

Example Escort:

1x Beam Bank*
2x Dual Heavy Cannons
1x Torpedo

3x Turret

*Can use for beam target disables. If not interested, might as well grab a 3rd Dual Heavy.

Weapon damage TYPE is largely inconsequential. Phaser and Disruptor add some utility. Plasma and Tetryon add extra hits every once in awhile. Polaron removes 100 energy on proc and Antiproton has more + stats. Other than that and a rising SP cost to max, they ALL do the SAME base DPS. Rule of thumb is to pick one type and skill it to 9, fill your tac slots with +type consoles and never touch any of the other systems.