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02-28-2010, 11:52 PM
Originally Posted by Ormatron
I've been searching through the forums and found many requests to allow auto-fire on all weapons, however I have yet to find any official comment on the matter. Has anyone heard or read if cryptic plans to allow this?

Ever since I got multiple beam weapons on my cruiser I've come to hate the space combat. The very idea of no auto-fire also just seems so absurd in its own right. I keep picturing Picard sitting on the bridge..."Fire phasers!...Fire phasers!...Fire phasers!...Fire phasers!...Fire Torpedoes!...Fire phasers! etc. until finally he can't take it anymore and fires himself out the torpedo tube.
It's officially coming. (under game adjustments) there's also a post of Zinc floating around somewhere. Until then there's a bug we're allowed to use. If you right-click weapons one after the other very quickly in a laggy area you can get more than one on auto-fire. I got two per facing, some managed to get three.