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03-01-2010, 01:58 AM
Originally Posted by Kheldor9
and I do want to see how your hazard emitters holds up when it's on cooldown and you're still facing several antiproton cannons. Get a grip on your clue. If you can't *not* be a jerk, then just shut your hole. You're not impressing me in the slightest, because as i said, I'm out there nearly constantly, and I've never seen you, ever.
Shut yer pie hole...

The whine spilling out of it is epic...

ZOMG I got focused when my stuff was on cooldown and I died! The Horror the horror. If you ***** was on cooldown and you're trying to 'stick it out' that's where you fail.

You must only be out there when I am at work like now... I am pvping mostly on off hours mornings or early evenings and sparingly at that...

I am enjoying the antiproton weapons as I am using them and am wondering if they ever get around to respecs whether it will be worth it to do the MEF ability to increase the bypass of the shields even more...