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03-01-2010, 02:16 AM
Originally Posted by Kheldor9
You just don't get it, your reading comprehension must be pretty drastically limited bud. ALL my defensive skills were running and working as advertised. Yep, I got focused on (as did my entire team) and died, while everything was running. I don't think too many people are stupid enough to do the "stick it out" thing at the higher tiers, (only the desperate ones who know they can't escape or just trying to get it over with) and I'm certainly not one of them.

It's obvious that whatever limited time you pvp now, you haven't faced a team heavy with antiproton weapons. Why you feel you should be an ass is beyond me, rather than you know, being helpful, but I'm guessing you have a little pent up high school nerd rage going on. You got picked on by the jocks and now in your own little world in the safety of your cubicle, you can be king, eh? I'm also guessing that high school wasn't that long ago for you, so please, just quit posting in the thread, I'd much rather get helpful insight than deal with your pathetic drivel.
At no point prior to this did you mention you had ALL your defensive abilities running.

Let alone what you consider 'all ' those abilities to be...

You are ****ed that the abilities you choose to run affect SHIELDS(you mentioned RSP, Sci team and RSF) which the antiprotons are bypassing to some extent ..

There are more skills out there than the Hazard emitters for hull resistance, of which you only mentioned one...

And you know what? I haven't seen very many good Federation teams looking for a set of good feddies actually buying and using antiprotons would be like looking for diamonds at the bottom of the recycle bin...

That you can't see through your unreasoned hatred of me for making you feel stupid (which is entirely your own fault not mine) to see the gems placed therein again your problem not mine.