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03-01-2010, 03:42 AM
My favorite for an escort in PvE is: 2 DHC, 2 DBB fore, 3 turrets aft. All the same damage type. For lower levels, start removing turrets and a DBB.

Back this up with Cannon: Rapid Fire I and Attack Pattern Beta (II or III, since you'll probably be using 2 C:RF Is).

Obviously runs some EPS Flow Regulators engineering consoles. I also use EPtWeapons I and II as my engineering powers, with ST I, ST II, and HE I as my science powers. The goal is to keep power as near to 125 while firing if possible.

Shields melt to the beams and cannons, APB insures hulls go pop even faster.

Originally Posted by Melcyna
'd rather be firing my twin double cannons and 1 beam at 125 power setting throughput rather than 2 cannons, 1 beam and 3 turrets at 50-75 power average sustained.
I'd rather be firing my 2 cannons, 2 beams, and 3 turrets at 125 all day Go go 124 attack power setting before EPtWeapons II.