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Originally Posted by J.Kirk
Yesterday I was promoted to Luitant Comander also a big help was trouble a luitanant with a smal ship but she packt more power than anny other light cruiser .
Ok we did all these missions together and it was fun graphics were good verry good indeed.
But I noticed a few things when I was playing.

Starbase 001 :

First off all the merits and the credits and all the other paying methods sucks I mean its confusing .
And I tought their good be a better way just only merrits starfleet merits nothing else it would be less confusing lot easyer to play.

seccond : the pkate in the admirals office the gold plate nope doest make me happy it doesn't look real for me.

ok that was commet on the starbase and credit system .

Spacetime :

1. It would be nice if you could disable the target and board it .
2, I miss my tractor beam if you hit your enemy true the shiels then hold it with you tractor beam and open fire.
3. Klingon ships if you know the series and movies they need some time when they come out of cloak befor they can start shooting or protect them self with their shields that would be more real .
and you as an fed officer you can pack an puch on those klingon targs .
3. The shields should be better from begining when there are two ship concentrating on for example you right shield is out to easy and the repair rate is to them slow .
4. Officer training cost to much pays to little before i finaly train my crew im dead hahahaha.
Its just to slow.
5. Boarding idea when you disable a ship you can board it when you kill crew or capture it put it in the brig you can two things get the tech of that ship or sell the ship for merrits or other points thats for cryptic to decide.
6. Why can we not strall on are bridge I mean I buy a ship and interior but I can't do annyting with it ???
7. The glow from the engins put that less guys its look like its aint real it glow up when u put some trothle on and the light should die down if you know what I mean !

General commet :

This game is awsome can't say otherwise but there are still some isues to solve future or not this are the things that should be there in the game fore the rest the MMO i love it and i hope you guys solve the solution for non credit card users other wise I im done over a 25 days .
I hope most of the users agree here with me on general comment about the game and I defanlly keep playing aslong as I can !
O I had one more thing maybe you could use this for the non creditcard users maybe you can sell game cars in the local stores just like prepaid card for your phone but then for STO its just an idea cryptic I realy hope you doing somting like that .

Thank you Cryptic for this great MMO and may you do good in the years . I do stay gaming here !
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