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03-01-2010, 11:04 AM
[quote=Zylpha]I, Lurcita, of the Houst of Kleri have a dispute!

When hunting down the enemies of Quo'nos during a ground expedition, I noticed two shocking things:

1) I saw a federation officer wielding a bat'leth (clearly of DS-9 type quality). To know that some of our Klingon bretheren have decided to become Federation lapdogs is a complete embarrassment. Their lands must be ceased immediately...but I digress.

I get my bat'leths from my younger brother who still lives on Quo'nos. But don't worry, we're not nobility, we're soldiers. That means we actually work for getting command of a ship and have no lands for your kind to confiscate.

Originally Posted by Zylpha
A bat'leth should NEVER be misused by an earther nor a dishonorable klingon. It is an honored weapon...and extension of every true Klingon's body. Earthers and klingon swill should be honored to die to a true Klingon who wields a bat-leth on them. Any federation officer or lapdog with a bat-leth dishonors our spiritual weapon of choice. I killed the wielder and will personally hunt down any other earthers who steal from my culture.
Bah, an ally of criminals and pirates dares to tell me what honour is? Any Starfleet officer has more honour than all the races in the Klingon Empire put together. Get rid of your pirate and smuggler friends and learn to keep your treaties, when I will maybe consider that you have the slightest idea of what "honour" means.

Originally Posted by Zylpha
2) It is a disgrace, as a Klingon woman, to see earthers wearing....short skirts. Every woman should, at the maximum, show short sleeved shirts or very minimal cleavage. During one of my....ground explorations, I discovered an earther wearing a short skirt. I had to personally dispatch of her myself. I do not fault her for being a loathesome Federation earther....but to wear a skirt as a common hussie is a disgrace to all women.

This outrage will not be tolerated!
If you can't stand short skirts on earth women you should think about taking your eyes out with a bat'leth when seeing the loincloths of the Orion *****s you have on Quo'nos.


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