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03-01-2010, 11:05 AM
Originally Posted by Zylpha
Be sure that they do not take your Battleship.

Personally, I enjoy the Bird of Prey that I have. It resembles my hunting etiquette. I strike when a Federation ship feels it is safe. Until Klingon boots land on Earth, no Federation warship will ever be safe. Klingon Expansion must continue.

Lurcita of the House Kleri
"Hunting etiquette"? You will forgive me, I hope, if I take a moment to chuckle at your foolishness.

My race is, at best, and uneasy ally of the Federation. Why? Because we're hunters, and we're not picky about what, or who, we eat.

Klingons boast and brag about being honorable warriors and great hunters. They are neither. Honorable warriors do not hide behind cloaks and ambush their targets, that is what hunters do. Great hunters do not pretend to honor or silly rules, that is what warriors do.

You have taken the worst of both, and are weaker for it. My people do not worry about honor when hunting, we worry about food in our bellies and survival. We are hunters, and make no claims otherwise.

Someday, maybe, your people will realize their error and correct it. On that day, they may truely become as great as they think they are. Until then, just be thankful that Klingon leaves a foul aftertaste in our mouths.

I will admit, though, that you have a point about the clothing. The "miniskirt" appears to be designed to provide as little coverage as possible while hampering movement. I have no idea why these things are so popluar, and would never wear one.

Until we meet on the hunting fields;
Nyrei, Huntleader of the Tanner Clan
First Officer of the U.S.S. Gmork

P.S.: I have shown this to my Captain. He has recovered a few of your honorable weapons from various Gorn he's taken out in hand to hand combat. He will attempt to send them back to you, and asks that you please send more Gorn into combat against us in reply. I hope you do so, as I'm still a few teeth short of a full necklace.