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03-01-2010, 11:48 AM
Originally Posted by UnknownXV View Post
Err, I don't know what card you're using, but since the end of OB, performance has gotten worse, especially on ground missions, shadows and textures still flicker, and dynamic lighting/post processing still cause crashes.
I'm using a pair of Radeon 5870's in CrossfireX setup, exactly as listed in my sig, and while CrossfireX itself doesn't seem supported yet by STO, Dynamic Lighting is working fine with ZERO crashes for me since moving to Cat 10.2.

The "shadows flicker" thing is the only remaining bug. No textures ever flicker, but then I use SSAA, not default MSAA like you may be.

Performance has measurably gotten better since end of OB on both my dual 5870 rig and on my single 4870 with only 512mb vram on it. Both perform much more smoothly. The only thing off is shadows, since lighting on high covers proper shading on your ship itself.