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03-01-2010, 03:08 PM
/raises hand for highest amount of frustration so far in the game.

As was said by OP this quest single handedly has made me want to quit the game.

Ground AI is not bad . . .minor hang ups in klingon bases and the like but hey they have lots of spikey bits in their building design.

But the inability of the BOffs to navigate ANY of the catwalks in the Fire Caves is too much.
Even with judicial use of Rally points it is excedingly difficult.

Then you add in the fact that for some reason when a BOff goes down . . .there is a good chance that they end up down in the lava . . .to far and in combat for a resusitation.

Some one said that the quest can be completed solo (with Sec Escourt and such). And it may be. Then why allow us to take BOffs in the first place if it is impossible for them to function there?

I will be dropping this quest yet again. Hopefully something can be done about these problems.