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Hi everyone,
First, we respect the time, energy and passion the community has put into their opinions regarding the promotion that ran this weekend on, offering 60-days of free play.

Like many companies, we are actively trying to sell games we are very proud of in an extremely competitive marketplace and we are always testing new ways to get more people using our products. The weekend promotion at was one of those experiments. In the case of a game like Star Trek, we believe a larger number of players is a benefit to the entire community.

We will continue to look at the best ways to add new users to our game in a competitive marketplace while keeping our current players happy. Your feedback – good, bad and ugly – is extremely helpful and appreciated.

We won’t always get it right, but we’re always trying to do the right thing by you.

We do apologize and we appreciate your patience as we continue to do our best to make Star Trek Online the best game possible.

Thank you.

Philip Dean
Director of Customer Support