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03-01-2010, 03:41 PM
Great to finally see a post about this. The forums have been going mad over the offer.

People have been split by this. But its fair to say that the vast majority of users already playing the game were seriously upset by the offer. After paying for the game, only 20-odd days later having an offer coming along that offers not only the game at a discounted price but also offering an extra 60 days of free play time came as quite a quick in the teeth.

It was not the best of ways to please the current user base. While its understandable that you want to increase your userbase it seemed like you were tossing aside those users you already had. Sort of a "We've got your money, we don't care about you" sort of thing.

The games market is competitive but there had got to be better ways to increase your sales than this offer. Or hell, at least wait a few months before making the offer. Give those users who had paid full price and were just paying their first subscription fees a chance to play the game before getting the kick in the teeth of an offer like this.

I live in the UK, I see offers made on new PC games at release all the time, but for an MMO, this had to be the worst. If you wanted to do an offer, then put the game out with some other exclusive item, like the pre-order items, send out batches with special edition cases. Don't reduce it and offer such a large free period so close to the release date.

Well, that's my two cents.