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03-01-2010, 03:43 PM
There it is, then.

I guess my confusion is a over a few things at this point.

I saw an apology in this response to the community. What is it you're apologizing for, exactly?
For experimenting with different ways to boost the player base?
For taking almost 4 days to reply to a lot of curious players who are confused to the reasoning Atari is showing as an attempt to expand subscriptions?
For this experiment being an obvious botched gimmick this early in the game's lifespan to a good amount of players who feel a little slighted?

How was the feedback helpful, exactly?
Does it mean there are perks incoming for those early adopters who stick with you through thick and thin?
Does the reflection of the feedback - the good, bad, and ugly - and any actions to appease the current player base apply to this current Atari misstep, or is it something they'll just consider in the future?
Do you, at Cryptic, feel Atari did not do the right thing by the existing players with this 'experiment'? Do you plan to share some ideas on how you'll be 'doing the right thing' at some point in the near future?

Don't get me wrong; I'm glad you've finally made some sort of communication after some days of letting the forums whip up in a frenzy, just maybe I'm not gettin-- wait, whoa. Not going there.

I don't think anyone could have an issue with you being competitive in trying to get subscriptions to this game. I suppose I'm just at a loss as to how Atari pulled the trigger on this tactic without thinking there would be some sort of ill feelings by some in the community.

No doubt there are many who have no issue with this PR fisaco and couldn't possibly care less, but those that do would love to hear you expand on what you touched upon with this general, and unfortunately vague, community announcement.

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