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03-01-2010, 03:52 PM
Part of the griefing problem is that shards are "able" to leech healing off mines. Considering how "flimsy" mines are to incoming damage ... and the fact that the crystal shards may be perfectly capable of "impacting" on the mines before the mines can explode to do damage to the shards ... this effectively makes mines into the ideal griefing weapon.

The most obvious "fix" for the mines vs shards issue is to simply make mines "immune" to shard damage ... thereby allowing their own self-destructive nature to take precedence. Another possiblity is to adjust the amount of healing to the CE when crystals impact on mines to be only 1% of what the healing would be if the crystal shard impacted on a ship.

As matters stand, Mine Launchers are worse than a wasted weapon slot during the Fleet Action ... since mines actively give aid and comfort to the enemy (thus making them the griefer weapon of choice!).