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03-01-2010, 05:11 PM
Currently, here's my top list.

Short Term:
  • Admiral rank insignia texture for my TNG uniforms please. it's missing.
  • you should be able to have one officer accompany you anywhere, even starbases, the bridge. should be added with the XO, but player can select any one officer as escort (aside from standard away team missions)
  • Star Trek is many things to many people. Music can help to tie all the together. I want to see the game engine look in custom music folders for incidental music, such as combat, planetary exploration, sector map, etc. The game should look for any mp3 tracks in the specific folder and play one at random. The game plays certain tracks based on various conditions. Just let us substitute our own tunes, but in the context of the game's incidental music categories. Simply using an external mp3 player fails to capture the dynamic mood of the game's rapidly changing settings, and the tracks that shipped with the game will get old fast. For reinforcing the game's long-term replayability, this is a very simple thing to offer players to extend the life of their interest in STO while allowing them to create their own personal content.

If you really want to take the initiative, make a deal to release TOS and TNG (at least) music packs as add-ons for the game, allowing players to tailor their game experience by selecting a specific official Star Trek musical score that best matches their favorite incarnation of Star Trek. Personally I own a bunch of TOS soundtrack albums, but if you were to release a nice TOS music pack for STO, I would buy it.

Medium Term:

  • Less Whack-A-Mole, more interface usability and automation, such as auto-fire, double click course correction, orbit target, maintain distance from target
  • More uniforms, crew, interiors, ships, ship interiors, inventory space, XO, bug fixes
  • more variety in episodes/missions. not everything is about pew pew.
  • you need to fix some of the more ridiculous ways to die before you introduce penalties for dying
  • better crew AI, delegation of tasks/orders to officers (scan anomaly here, attack here, defend here) individually or in groups (common RTS behavior)
Long Term:
  • The ability to play the game effectively from a starship interior/bridge