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03-01-2010, 07:15 PM
jesus crist no vote kick, new form of greivig, you can be doing good then booted right before the end.

I've killed it a bunch, its easy.

Warp in, got to map. make sure there's at least 15 players, if not CHANGE INSTANSE

give it 5 to six minutes, if there is no progress made, SWITCH INSTANCE

griefer shows up, SWITCH INSTANCE.

Don't change to entity at all its fine the way it is.

Rarely takes me over 30 minutes to kill using the stragety I outlinned.

Sure i've had bad days and it couldn't be killed. Leads to my next rule.

If in the event you have to change instances 5 times (rare) try again later (do something else for an hour) or just try the next day.