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03-01-2010, 09:32 PM
My $.02 of suggestions...

Short term:
- Proper completion of Klingons as a full faction with its own PvE campaign. This is overdue.

- Game "universe" seems small due to the small number of destinations; somehow the sense of scale
the game creates makes the various territories seem a little cramped space-wise. Expand the amount
of sectors (or desintations per sector/sector size) for all factions' respective play areas (where
feasible/practical), along with the number of potential destinations. This also provides additional
destinations for use with future mission additions/future functionality.

- Profession and/or ship-specific missions/misison arcs in addition to the main episodes and one-offs.
Perhaps the Starfleet Corps of Engineers asks for the player specifically; others may be doing work in
cooperation with the Vulcan Science Academy, and so forth.

- Additonal player races/ships/campaigns:
* Romulans & Cardassians (seems a foregone conclusion at this point).
* Federation/KDF member races' respective ship types, where practical.
* Ferengi (for the profit-minded among us).
* Tholians/Borg (unlockable bonus races?).

- Neutral Zone open RvR style play.

- Possibly expand the use of transwarp to a few key areas at or near specific "front lines" (may become
neccesary if the above increase in territory size is done).

- Continual improvement on the Genesis Device system to make it more dynamic as well as reduce the
number of repetetive and/or nonsensical missions generated (Borg doing social engineering before
taking over? I don't think so! And, yes, I actually got this). Functionality for possible return visits
to "discovered" systems and/or limited multipart story arcs should also be considered. Will that first
contact mission be a one-off, or will they decide to open trade, attack, or perhaps voluntarily
(or perhaps involuntarily, in the case of the more aggressive/villainous factions) join your faction?
Having some profession-specific missions put into the mix would be a plus here also.