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Originally Posted by Scyrone View Post
Honestly, I thought all this stuff was actually going to be in the game . . . until I played it. I was truly disgusted at how every single thing focused on combat. This game makes Picard look like a lying cheat! How dare they!

I do wish diplomacy, exploration, and science all were a part of it. The idea that the Federation is so combat focused is astonishingly unnerving. I do a combat mission and say, "The Federation wouldn't do this!" "Attack a Klingon vessel because it wants to get Borg technology for itself?"

What happened to the things such as, (Geordi voice) "Wait a minute! Instead of directly attacking the ship, I can induce the power manifolds to directly establish a quantum link through which we can disable the Klingon ship. Then we can computerize a fluidic torpedo to launch into the Borg hub and transport the technology out, whilst destroying the Borg! That was, we can minimize Klingon and Federation casualties!"

Riker: "What about the miniphasic transcompartment? Would that overload and injure a crewmember?"

Data: "Good point."

Picard: "To hell with it. Let's just kill them all."
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