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Originally Posted by Ratblaster View Post
I have a few questions still after reading all the above posts.

I have defiant class escort with 3 heavy cannons and 2 turrets (and one torp).

I have 3 "prefire chamber" tactical consoles that add +15 cannon weapons each (I read earlier that they stack).

1. 3x(+15) = +45 cannons, but what exactly does that mean. Does every cannon shot land with +45 damage, meaning that a 180 damage plasma cannon now becomes a 225 damage plasma cannon?

2. If the +45 is added to damage on each volley, then is it preferred to have normal dual cannons instead of dual heavy cannons? Although dual cannons have half the damge , but twice the fire rate (making dps normaly the same as dual heavy) having +45 dmg bonus applied each volley would mean that the bonus is added twice as often for dual cannons vs dual heavy cannons, giving more dps to the dual cannons.
See the Starship Weapons Overview link in my sig for details of how damage modifiers appear to work (you want the Damage Modifiers section of the article).

3. I have read a lot of posts stating that the 3rd heavy cannon (or dual cannon) only gets 1/3 of its normal dps due to the overlapping cooldown times with the other 3 heavy cannons. If that is the case, what is the preferred configuration for escorts with 4 weapons in front and 2 int eh back? I plan to keep using 2 turrets in the back to add to my head-on dps, and one torp in front for shield-down dps, but what abou tthe other 3 slots? My choices seem to be:
- 3 dual heavy cannons
- 2 dual heavy cannons and a front turret
- 2 dual heavy cannons and a front beam weapon.
Personally, I would try both 2 Dual/Dual Heavy + 2 torps and 2 Dual/Dual Heavy, 1 Dual Beam Bank and 1 torp and see how you find them.