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03-02-2010, 12:55 AM
Originally Posted by Veazey View Post
While we're complaining, I had a pretty major issue when I tried to do this the other day.
After reaching the first hostage you release, the one that sets up the "Hostages Rescued (X/5)" mission objective & promptly beams out, one of my bridge officers walked into the lava and died. It was impossible to rez her, so I decided to beam out & back in. Upon doing so, I had my whole away team back and I was at the place where you rescue the first hostage, but he wasn't there. I got the dialog box indicating that he had beamed up to the ship, but my counter was at 0/5.
So, I progressed through the next cave, rescued the other four hostages, and reached an impassable wall of fire because the fifth hostage that had to be rescued was nowhere on the map. I checked. I filed both a GM petition (hoping to get that objective cleared) and a bug report on this issue.

Then, today, I decided to try again only to beam into the exact same situation I had before: standing where the first hostage was, reading the dialog box indicating the first hostage was rescued, with the counter at 0/5. I didn't attempt to go through the rest of the mission again because I didn't feel like sheperding my officers around, but that's kind of a major bug if you can't go forward and you can't go back without finding someone else to do the mission with you.
Same here, made an own thread.