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03-02-2010, 04:41 AM
Short Term

Fix the broken missions.
I need to agree with the weapon holster.
Make Memory Alpha progress trackable.

Mid Term

Klingon storyline that fits ST lore.
More diverse Fed missions that fits ST lore.

Long Term

Cryptic have stated that Romulans and (I assume) True Way will become playable factions. Have a story arc in place for these before you throw them on. The Romulans rebuilding. Now that shouldn't be too difficult for you?
If these factions are to be added fair enough. If not, Galactic Domination campaigns for Feds and Klingons, though would obviously be much more interesting and enjoyable with other playable factions, however you'd need to increase the map allowance for it to work.


STO has the bones of a very good MMO. However, I'm not sure Cryptic has the ambition, vision or maybe money to flesh it out and make it a GREAT MMO. Ignoring all the broken quests and other bugs, the Federation story arc is incomplete. Where are the diplomatic missions, First Contacts etc. The Klingon Empire needs a story. A label has been stuck on this faction saying "Stay away unless you are a hardcore PvPer/grinder". Every faction deserves the same amount of attention. Not everyone wants to be Fed, you know. From my first hour of playing all I've heard is "Endgame, Endgame, Endgame". I play MMOs because it gives you the chance to build a character you can feel, somewhat, invested in. Being given an endgame in the first year doesn't make sense to me. Cryptic could constantly build on high level content. As I say, I don't think they know what they've got here, or lack the stones to do it properly. I hope I'm wrong!!