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Originally Posted by SusieBot View Post
I really enjoyed the most recent Star Trek movie, so I would make a sequel to that.

Thematically, I think it would have to be the "Empire" of Star Trek movies. Trek XI ended with Kirk essentially being rewarded for what he is -- a "Ready, Fire, Aim" type hellion. I would enjoy seeing XII counter that by having Kirk learn the burdens of command and the necessity for following orders. Maybe his recklessness causes another ship to be destroyed, or causes him to lose an away team. I'd rather not see any of the main characters killed or the ship destroyed, because that's kind of a cliche.

Additionally, I'd like to see the growth of the relationship between Kirk and Spock. After the traumatic event of the previous paragraph, maybe Spock helps him turn it around, or defends him during his court martial, or whatever.

Finally, I'd like to see the Klingons as the villains. Maybe do a version of the "Balance of Terror" battle, but with Klingons instead of Romulans.
I enjoyed the movie also, and not all trekkies hated it.