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03-02-2010, 12:41 PM
Originally Posted by Rixavatar
I've seen a lot said about the diminishing returns math that's used in the game. I've been trying to determine if there is a point where stacking consoles hits this. I've also been trying to determine console choices in general.

For instance, in an Assault Cruiser, do you get the fulll benefit from stacking 3 +30 phaser tac consoles? Or does diminishing returns make this pointless after one or two of them?
There does not seem to be any diminishing returns on + damage consoles.

Also, when it comes to shield engineering consoles, what works best: + power consoles or % recharge consoles?
There is much debate about this. We do not have access to enough "under the hood" information to be able to have a definitive answer.

Current estimates are that each point of shield power over 50 adds about 4% regen. The +regen consoles either add to the base (as if you were increasing power) OR to the adjusted levels after power is applied. I do not think anyone has looked deeply in to this yet. Additional shield power points from consoles does free up power points for use elsewhere.

Here is a link to some math.

Lastly, would +power to shields or % resists to kinetic/energy be better?

Thanks in advance for the help!
Once again, nobody is really sure. Shield regen can be useful, but only if you can turn your ship to present recharged shields to enemies while damaged ones recharge, OR if you can otherwise control the combat to give you a reduction in the damage you receive so that you can redirect shield power. Armor, however, is always applied, and shields tend to go down fast as you go up in tiers, due to shields not scaling at the same rate as weapons. Also, plasma DoT is not prevented by shields, and Undine Plasma torps do a load of DoT.

Experiment to see what works for you. Post your results so that we can all learn from it.