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03-02-2010, 01:51 PM
Originally Posted by the_moshpit View Post
To be honest, I'm unsure why with an AMD system you'd be preferenced towards Nvidia when AMD makes faster graphics right now as well. I'm less then fond of Nvidia at the moment due to how far behind they are on current generation hardware. They are over half a year late with the new generation and even after they release it, it's going to be months before they're even available. Even if your upgrade puts you in an Intel setup like mine, I still heartily recommend AMD Radeon 5800 series over anything Nvidia has to offer.

Nvidia is also suffering shortages of last generation hardware as well, leading to higher prices for lower performance. This is a bad time to be an Nvidia fan.
AMD/ATI has historically had notoriously bad drivers on any system other than Windows. That is why I choose NVIDIA. I use Windows to play games, and Linux for everything else.