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03-02-2010, 03:13 PM
You BoK guys just don't get it do you? You think you're all the rage in the Klingon faction just because of your size. Not to mention that member poaching post made me laugh so hard at your ignorance that my entire clan now considers you less than your average noob. I can't take YOU seriously. So untwist those panties of yours and get this straight nubcake:

I've been gaming under the name Kahless since 2002. This isn't lip service. Ask those fellas over at Starfleets; their little Council of Admirals knows that Sword of Kahless means business. Ask Kor of KDF; he'll remember how I shot down his little "Klingon High Council" in Bridge Commander circa 2007. Oh, and DevilJones of Red Squadrons? Oh his little group of sweethearts knows that I'm far from facsimile nor some RPing fairy cake. I'm no cheap imitation. You wanna belly up to the bloodwine keg and back up your words with some actions like a good Klingon or are you going to hide in that "I want PvE" crowd all day?

I think you BoK boys like to talk too much. And you're as narrow minded as the rest of the QQ Brigade on these boards.