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03-02-2010, 05:28 PM
Thank you for the answers,

I have come to a point where I am thinking that mixing a bit weapon types cannot hurt and can only help, but i am torn between Tetryons beam (for their Blue Color which would be more Cannon for federation ships), and Disruptors (fed ships using disruptors is not consistent with Star Trek, but have a nice proc effect).

So I started asking myself about the procs, it is not something I actually payed any attention too, i use Phasers because these are what the federation uses, i never liked the fact that we can use other techs that are not part of ST lore..but it is an area of the game that is not Star Trek and was done so purely for game play reasons which I am willing to accept and overlook up to a certain degree.

I would still have preferred that the Devs actually remained more Loyal to the Lore, and had invested a bit more in developing weapons so that there could be Phasers Type A (Subsystem Debuff), Phasers Type B (Damage Debuff) ...etc etc...and same for Klingons, so that at least Factions of both remained visually and technically true to the ST lore from one side while still offering gameplay possibilities and areas to "specialise" in to the Skill Tree etc...

these could even have had slightly different graphical effects...but no need to talk about something that was never created as such...the current system is what it is and we have to live with it...

...yet I would not like to look like a rainbow when I am shooting either...

So...long story short, I am wondering if, debuffs stack, because for some of them like the Disruptors it can be really advantageous if they do.

I mean, if 5 ships are shooting the same target and all 5 Pships get 1 proc out of their multiple weapons, does that mean that the target is now at -50% resistance to damage?

Wouldn't that like destroy an enemy in half the time it takes for them to destroy their enemy?