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03-02-2010, 08:13 PM
I have been giving a lot of thought to the weapons myself in the last few days, and what it really comes down to, is they aren't that much different.

Apart from the different graphic and different (minor) proc effect, they are all the same. Exact same damage, same firing arcs, same cooldowns, same power consumption rate, etc.

The most significant difference between the weapons is the skill point cost. Phasers and disruptors are by far the cheapest flavor of weapon. They each only cost 2,700 skill points, to max out the skill at 9 points. That is a 54% damage bonus, on top of the bonus from the two previous skills.

However, Plasma and Tetryon will each cost 3,600 to max out.

Polaron and Anti-proton will cost 4,500 to max out.

And in the end, those are all just a 54% damage bonus. Thanks to the skill point cap, we are far too limited on skill points in my opinion. You can save a lot of points by sticking with Phasers or Disruptors instead of the higher level weapons. The same rule applies to the projectile weapons.

In my case, I stuck with just phasers and quantums. They are good weapons, and I saved a ton of points to invest in other valuable skills.