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03-03-2010, 10:22 AM
If it is per weapon firing, some weapons like turrets have a 2 second firing Cycle, compared to teh 4 second Firing cycle of beams.

So you get double the chances to proc with turrets.

What is important to note also is that the Chance to Proc Maybe Low and "insignificant" but the proc Effects themselves are not, and some can be better than others.

In The case of of Phasers it may not be advantageous as much as Disruptors in some circumstances, for instance, it has happened to me several times in a Cruiser where I am broadsiding the target that a proc Happens and the target's Shields Go Down...

I never have the time to turn the ship to fire off torps and take advantage of that proc.

On the other hand If I was a Klingon Cruiser, I would not have to turn around (in spite of the fact that i could with more ease than a Fed cruiser but this is another issue), because the Disruptor Proc just enhances the damage and I could keep on pounding and do more damage and take advantage of the Proc. is most probably better for Federation Cruisers to use all disruptor Weapons...since they can't turn around fast enough, they could just continue broadsiding and doing more damage.

Or is it not?

I would just start losing interest in the game honestly...because it alienates the established guidelines of Star Trek Lore...Federation ships do not use Disruptors it is a Klingon, Romulan and Cardassian Weapon mainly.

Part of the interest in playing a game is how well the game expresses the setting it is supposed to recreate for the player to experience. if we start changing the established Lore (cannon) of too many things then it simply seizes to be that Setting and becomes something else.

Present and Future Storyline is not Cannon, it changes it evolves, the framework in which the storyline exists and evolves from however is made up of certain elements which are axiomatic and cannot be changed to suit other needs without causing the Framework to alter itself as well.

I do not know if it bothers many but if you are even a small fan of star Trek you would be bothered by the way weapons are setup in the game....I chose to ignore it up to now...but I am not sure that this is the case for everyone, because it is like having a bunch of US Soldiers armed with AK-47's instead of M-16's...there is just something wrong with that picture.

That being said, there have been Phasers that could have a Disruptor Setting and there have been Disruptors that could Emit Tetryon particles, but these remained, Phasers still and Disruptors respectively.

So again would have preferred if there were several Phaser Types and several Disruptor types which kept the main characteristics as per Lore and provided different effects.

I will be testing out some procs effects still.