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# 59 T5 dailies
03-03-2010, 06:37 PM
here's some info on T5 Klingon dailies, the prerequisites, and what both entail.

there's 3 different dailies, each day one is picked at random and you have certain pre-requisites to unlock each of the 3. If you don't complete these pre-requisite missions or drop them, you still need to pick them up again at T5 and finish them before having acces to the daily that mission unlocks.

all dailies still come from J'Vek through hailing the KDF

1-Dominate the Heroes of the Enemy (the PvP daily)
Prerequisite-Defeating the Heros of the Enemy.
There are many missions w/titles like this along the path to BG, this is the one for levels 40+ so odds've done em all already. This and all missions in the chain come from Lt. Commander Torbak by hailing the KDF

2.-Claiming Enemy Reserves (Daily)
Prerequisites-Conquering the Weapons of War this is a War Zone mission, (the 'Borg Hunt' Mission)
'Enter any War Zone by travelling to N'Vak in the Qonos Sector or Kerrat in the Donatu Sector This mission comes from Lt. Commander Mara by hailing the KDF.

She also gives you the 'Empire Defense' Missions (Khaless Expanse, Cho's Nebula and T'kanis) i'm not sure if these are also pre-requisites for this daily, but i would bet so, seeing as how my PvP daily didn't pop-up until i resolved the 'Re-booting the Borg Presence in the T'Kanis Nebula' Mission.

3.-Raze Enemy Headquarters (Daily)
Prerequisites-Fighting Under the Flag of the Empire this is a Scenario mission, participating in either of the Capture and Hold pvp maps or the Assault Enemy Mine pvp maps count towards this.

'Enter any Hostile Takeover or Border Skirmish by using the Queue attatched to your mini-map or by entering a system in the KLingon Sector or Neutral Zone'
You get the mission from Lt. Commander Kultan by hailing the KDF.

if i got any info wrong, i'm sorry, if you know anything i don't or see need for a correction, please feel free.

hope this helps