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03-03-2010, 09:37 PM
TOS: It's a toss up between The World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky and Spectre of the Gun
TNG: I would have to say Ensigns of Command.
DS9: Since... I haven't seen an episode of DS9 since I was about five or six years old when it first came on, I would have to say Trials and Tribble-ations since I saw that on my TOS set and I loved it.
VOY: Definitely my favorite but really close favorite between TOS/TNG. I would say this is the two parter Future's End. Absolutely love this episode.
ENT: Actually... never got to see it. It came on UPN and we never got that channel, it only came on cable where I lived and we didn't have it so I've never seen an episode of it.