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03-04-2010, 01:45 AM
Originally Posted by wcoppock View Post
As a mathematician all these calculus references are painful. Also as a mathematician I sometimes find calculus more fun than STO, but that's not a bitter jab against the game. it has its fun moments too, but mathematicians can just have odd tastes at times.

Hehehe.... Each too there own I have 2 friends that are mathematician, Both teachers and they have a good life with lots of travel so its not all bad being into math


Do you really only have 1 GB ram or is that a Typo? Seems a waste on your system to only have 1 GB when these days ram is so cheap and will make your gaming experience so much better if you increase it. Oh and I take it you are not computer savy or you would know that you need 2 HDs to run in Raid so I take it you have 2 250gb drives Just pointing out to ya.