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03-04-2010, 02:48 AM
Well there has been some good stuff so far, some of it utterly useless and totally having nothing to do with my thread, ie the calculus stuff and such, but some good points to consider.

I was actually expecting alot more trolling and flaming from both sides so i am surprised by the lack of it. Yet i also expected a more people to actually come up with reasons to stay. Dissappointed by the lack of community participation, but thats more cause of my ego and im the op. Who doesnt want to see a thread they start grow.

Anyway if there are any more thoughts on this i would like to hear them good or bad, it does keep a convo going. As its stands still leaning towards not resubbing and coming back in a few months. Although, some comments made have shorten the length of time i will wait. I was gonna make it about 6 months but im thinking 3 or 4 might be ok as well.