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03-04-2010, 03:29 AM
Originally Posted by Dekkameron View Post
Since i have started playing, all i have seen is people whining about science skills being overpowered even though there are perfectly good counters to all of them.

It seems to me everyone who makes a whine thread about FBP, VM, SNP etc etc just refuses to want to think outside the box and just wants "GUNS GUNS GUNS!" to solve everything.

Please before anyone makes a new thread about a science ability, please think before posting about what you could have done to defend against it.
I know the normal in pvp these days is stack as much RSP as possible, but there are other options.

TL;DR? L2P morons
I agree. too bad most of the feddie bears that come to whine here will never learn to use the limited grey matter between their ears for anything other than a hat rack.