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03-04-2010, 03:46 AM
Originally Posted by Troglis View Post
Well there are a few of you who seem to get what im looking for. Lord.Funk........Savnoka.......blkjag. Thanks for you feedback. Good points to consider, a few of which didnt cross my mind.
Originally Posted by YnrohKeeg View Post
Lord.Funk, your post was exactly what I was looking for, and I thank you for it. I do want to support this game, and your words will go a long way toward my eventual decision to do so. Still on the fence, but all of you have helped a great deal, and I hope to see you "out there".

Eventually. :p
You are quite welcome.

I am not a fanboi nor a hater. Just a gamer, so I see it from that perspective.

It definetly adds to the enoyment of a game if the setting is something I can relate to. Like game based on a book, Movie, Series, myth or whatever I am interested in. Star Trek is one such thing. That being said it must still be a game worth playing.

Also one must understand the differet motives for playing a MMO/Massive MultiPlayer Online Game as opposed to a solo/single player game. One should always ask oneself do i really want to play and MMO. Sometimes some might find it more enjoyable playing solo games. I personally do both depending on my mood.

The biggest difference is the obvious, interaction with others. For good and for bad. When it feels stressful and gets to You, is when I take a break and play a solo game. However I usually end up missing the interaction and MMO feel and end up returning to the same MMO or find a new.