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03-04-2010, 03:54 AM
I think the only question is to whether you look at your monthly fee as an investment or a payment.

If you see it as an investment, you're paying with the assumption that the game will eventually get better with the help of your money, and will fail if you don't stay subbed, then yeah, 15$ a month isn't exactly a lot so pay it then ignore the game for all it matters.

If you look at it as 'I'm only paying what it's worth', well, this game really isn't on par with other 15$ a month games out there right now, nor will it likely be for several months at best. So unsub then check back every once in awhile.

If for some bizarre reason you like running out of content and doing explores and lolpvp over and over I guess you could pay AND play, but I honestly don't see how anyone could find that fun for long right now.