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03-04-2010, 04:07 AM
if you are resorting to asking other people to convince you to stay then i think the game has taken you as far as it can, you clearly want to stay but cant find good reason to or are just not having fun at the moment.

by the sounds of it plenty of stuff is on the horizon, more klingon pve, task force end game, other factions like romulans but it will take time to implement.
maybe stay a month, check out the 45 day patch and end game then make the call.

nothing wrong with leaving, then coming back in a few months. i do it all the time.

im keeping myself busy by playing an alt for about an hour a day, so im still in touch with the game but im not burning myself out, whilst experiencing a different class of ship and career.

they also fixed the teaming bug so when i enter a system, there is nearly always someone there to team with, which always helps

but as i said games are there for fun, if the fun is not there take a break and try again later or you might risk trying too hard to like it, then becoming sick of it.