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# 6 The galexy map
03-04-2010, 05:23 AM
The map in a nice feature, but it definatly has it's issues. There are to many systems to show each one on the map, but a text listing of all of the systems in alphabetical order, would be a great help. It would help stop all of the "Where's ........?" questions in the chat box, and the constant irritant of answering these simple, and annoying questions. As was noted earlier. These ships do have computers on them. They wouldn't have to fly from the Sirius sector block to the Regulus sector block, only to find that it's not the sector block you were looking for. A couple of weeks ago, I found just such a map/alphabetical listing chart on the forums. I copied and saved it to my desktop. So I'm not the one asking the questions. But for everyone of us that found such a map. There are ten players that haven't. I can't understand why if a player can make up such a map, Why Cryptic can't. Then there's the fact, why should those of us that have found the/a map, have to switch between game screen and desktop just to look at a map, or print a map when there's one in game.