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03-04-2010, 05:27 AM
Originally Posted by frellthat View Post
To all these Klingons who are *****ing about SNB + VM disabling them for 15 seconds, I wonder if any of them have ever considered the fact that, even if they cannot apply Science Team I to themselves during this time, one of their allies can. I know, it's a novel approach, healing your mates, but have you ever considered just a little teamwork? Likewise, if you just attack us from behind, we cannot even use SNB or VM. But of course they don't consider these things because all they want to do is fly straight at a Fed player and blow him up. They just want an "I WIN" button that they can press over and over to make themselves feel powerful and they absolutely cannot comprehend that a science ship might be able to defeat a Klingon in an even match.

I wish the devs wouldn't listen to them, but I know they eventually will.
I have yet to have anyone heal me from SNB+VM. Every time I get hit with that combo, I'm dead. The SNB keeps me from applying SC2 against the VM, and poof, I'm dead.

I have once or twice healed others that have gotten hit be VM and I was close enough to do it. But, it's purely luck to be close enough, and see them get hit, and be in position to extend SC2, assuming that my SC2 isn't happen to be in cool down. You make it sound so easy, ummmm, a little more complicated than that.