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03-04-2010, 06:49 AM
First off all, yes AP weapons breach shields on proc, but not only do they breach shield, they also sustain equal damage to hull and shield on proc, so there is no possible way they could drop your hull to 0% without also dropping your shield down an equal amount. Im sorry but i have to agree with the phaser comment.. You were most likely procced with a phaser and had them chew thru your hull at a rate that when you looked up your shields came online and your hull was almost cracked...

I run 2 DHC AP +60% crit and a Dual Beam Bank AP +60% crit at front and all AP Epic Turrets with full points in AP weapons.. and sure there very nasty, throw in a transphasic torp and your deadlly but there is no way they are cappable of chewing out your hull before your shield walls drop.. there best benifit is the fact that i dont need to worry as much about hitting the same shield facing as im hitting hull on all sides

I come at you fast and furious, throw a HYT transphasic and then i rush off, wait CD and come back again for the finish...