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03-04-2010, 10:25 AM
Originally Posted by Pavehawk
Great mission, will certainly require a good well balanced team with lots of toys between them. Our Pug made the Queens chamber and dropped the force fields but could not take down the queen before we lost 2 membrers to the "net" and one to needing to go to bed (was zero early thirty for him.)

Even tho we didn't win this is a fun and exciting adventure that requires teamwork and tactics. I look forward to running it with my Fleetmates and can't wait to see what is coming next.

I also need to add an observation... for 30+ days people have griped about no raid end game stuff, now that its here...they grige cause it's hard. Some folks will never be happy I guess.
Glad you made it further than my team's attempt. It is a crazy mission with the first true Borg feeling that we have grown to fear in the Star Trek Universe...

...But perhaps it is a little to much for a 5-person team. From what I've experienced and read, some areas require almost perfect timing and tactics. If this raidisode is working as intended, then I say the reward for completing it had really better be something most people would shout, "Awesome! Totally Awesome!!" (Spicoli anyone?).

I dont think Ive really seen much griping yet. It is safe to say that because it was just released today that these posts are from people who probably just attmepted it and are alittle annoyed at not completing it. But I posted this in the Feedback Section for the purpose of people sharing their thoughts on it so the devs get a feel for how the community is responding. I am sure in no time there will be people completing this...I havent seen an MMO where that didnt happen. Personally, I think some things I mentioned should be looked at.